Starting Date: 6th July 2012
Ending Date: 12th July 2012
Venue: Tanjung Lumpur, cheap Kuantan

Details of events:


Venue: Pusat Ekuestrian Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan

Format:  Team – 1m

Individual: 1.10m

FEI Rg/Art 273.4.3 Table A – Competition over two rounds



Venue: Pusat EkuestrianTanjung Lumpur, Kuantan

Format:  Team – Prelim 1C    Test Sheet 1C

Individual – Novice 2C           Test Sheet 2C



Venue: Pahang International Endurance Park

Format: 80 km

Eligibility Requirements: 1. Must have completed at least 2 x 40km events or 1 x 80km event in the past 24 months.

2. Horses that had completed events above 120km in the past 24 months are NOT ALLOWED to


3. The rider must have completed at least 2 x 40km events or 1 x 80km event.



For the schedule please click here

For the rules please read these files (rules are written in Bahasa Melayu):

Peraturan Am SUKMA

Peraturan Tetap SUKMA

Peraturan Sukan SUKMA

Full Results

Date Class Results
12 July 2012 Showjumping - Individual results - 1.10m view results
11 July 2012 Showjumping - Team results - 1m view results
12 July 2012 Dressage - Individual results - Novice view results
11 July 2012 Dressage - Team results - Preliminary view results
8 July 2012 Endurance - Team results - 80km view results
8 July 2012 Endurance - Individual results - 80km view results


Equestrian involves a multiple of disciplines. For more information on each discipline, please click on the icons below.

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